It's be stuck and alone.

It is so frustrating when...

• You feel like people don't get you.

• You don't know how to help people understand you.

• You know you have work to do, but you don't have anyone who is there for you?

• You don't have a judgement free zone to explore how you really feel about things?

But you don't have to be stuck and alone!

Working with me you will experience...

Compassionate Listening - I'm here just for you.
Insightful Curiosity - I ask questions to draw out the true you.
Transformational Tools - Practical guidance on each step forward.

Who is Cyd Holsclaw?

Transformational Coach, Spiritual Director, Pastor

I know what it's like to feel stuck - like you're circling the same issues over and over again (it would be good list some of these issues that you struggled with to build empathy)

But with some compassionate curiosity and some transformational tools, I was able to break out of my rinse and repeat cycle and start really living the freedom God intended for me. 

I've worked with clients for 10 years and have helped each of them move into the changes they wanted to see in their lives.

I coach in partnership with Jesus Collective, Kineo, and the Ecclesia Network, and I help train coaches through Transformational Coaching. I am also a pastor at a Vineyard Church and spiritual director in Grand Rapids, MI.

I’ve had many career changes — from professional musician to classroom teacher, outdoor adventure guide to factory worker, foundation administrator to stay-at-home mom, children’s ministry director to pastor. 

But my greatest joy has been partnering with God for the last 10 years to provide support to people who are doing transformational work through coaching and spiritual direction. 

My husband, Geoff, and I co-authored the book, Does God Really Like Me? Discovering the God Who Wants To Be With Us, and I'm currently working on developing a video series to go along with it. 

If you are ready to begin the work

this is how we start.


    1) If you're ready to engage in a thought-provoking and creative process to more deeply live into your identity and purpose, schedule an introductory call with Cyd.

    2)If you're wanting to find greater joy and deeper peace in Christ by gaining some transformational tools, sign up for Begin the Work.


    If your only tool is a journal, all you can do is write about what's wrong. But sometimes journaling about something can actually deepen the problem because you just keep writing in circles.

    I'll help you expand your range of tools and resources so you can discern what you need moment by moment.


    With new tools and support, you will start to notice yourself changing. And you will find your relationships with God and others become more aligned with who you want to be.